Why join your local Rotary Club?

  • The Opportunity to Serve - Rotarians provide service at both the community and international levels. Members experience the fulfilment that comes from giving back to the community.

  • Professional Networking - members are leaders in business, industry, the professions, arts, government... Rotary is the oldest and most prestigious service club organisation in the world.

  • Personal Growth and Development - membership in Rotary ensures continuing personal and professional development. You will enhance your skills in leadership, public speaking, organisation and planning, team building, and fund raising.

  • Friendship - fellowship was a primary reason Rotary was started in 1905, and it remains a major attraction.

  • Cultural Diversity - Rotary clubs are open to members of every ethnic group, political persuasion, language and religious belief, practicing and promoting tolerance.

  • Good Citizenship - membership in Rotary makes you a better citizen. Weekly club programs keep you informed and allow you to contribute to your community.

  • World Understanding - Rotary members understand and impact humanitarian issues through international service projects. The promotion of peace is one of Rotary's highest objectives.

  • Entertainment - every club hosts parties and social events that offer diversion from your personal and business life.

  • Family Foundations - Rotary clubs involve family members in a wide range of social and service activities.

  • Ethical Environment - Rotarians practice a 4-way test that measures words and actions by their truthfulness, fairness, goodwill, and benefit to all. Encouraging high ethical standards has been a hallmark of Rotary from its earliest days.

Membership Process

  • Prospective member introduced to the Club by a member;
  • Prospective member attends at least three (3) meetings to learn about the club;
  • Prospective member is made aware of the Rotary membership principles by the proposer;
  • Proposer to complete and submit an application of Membership on behalf of the prospective member to the Board via the Secretary;
  • The Boards ensures the applicant meets all the classification and membership requirements;
  • The Board, within 28 days, will notify the proposer, via the club Secretary, of its approval or disapproval of the proposed membership;
  • If favourable, the prospective member is informed of the Purposes of Rotary, their responsibilities and expectations;
  • The prospective member signs the nomination form;
  • The Club is informed confidentially of the proposed membership. A "tick sheet" is circulated among the members. Objections to the proposed applicant should be directed in writing within ten (10) days of the tick sheet circulation.
  • If no objection to the proposal is received by the Board, the prospective member, upon payment of the admission fee, shall be considered elected into membership. If a written objection is received, a vote will be held at the next meeting. If approved, despite the written objection and upon the payment of the admission fee, the prospective member shall be considered elected into membership.
  • Following the election, The President will arrange a new member's induction and further orientation.
  • The Club Secretary shall issue a membership card to the member and shall report such action to Rotary International.

Membership responsibilities and expectations

  • Attend weekly club meetings. Rotarians can visit clubs worldwide and by doing so have the opportunity to fulfil attendance requirements.
  • Pay annual dues to your club that help support your district and Rotary International.
  • Participate in community service projects, locally and/or internationally.
  • Aspire to leadership and participate in running your club.

Disaster Aid Australia is the flagship project of the Rotary Club of Endeavour Hills.

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