The Rotary club in conjunction with the Casey Council are proposing to establish a Mens Shed near Essex Park. The first meeting of interested people will be held on February 7th 2017 and a flyer advertising the Shed is being produced for distribution around the Endeavour Hills area.

For more details please contact John Cooper on 9706 2525.

What is it?


The Endeavour Hills Men’s Shed is a start up by the Rotary Club of Endeavour Hills and is proudly supported by the City of Casey. It is a part of what has become a worldwide movement to provide all men, particularly older or retired men with a friendly environment in which to socialise, share skills and learn new skills.


The shed is a place where men can be active in as many projects and activities as they like, or just relax and socialise over a cup of coffee and chat with other local and like-minded people. There is no limitation on the kinds of activities that can be undertaken within the shed, with members guiding their development and implementation.


Who is it for?


Our purpose is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for men of any age or any occupation. It is a place for those who would like to make new friends, learn new skills continue practicing existing skills, or for those wishing to contribute to our community. It is envisaged that most of our members will be older or retired.


Members can attend regularly on a weekly basis to join in activities, partake in barbecues, listen to regular guest speakers or just socialise. While some members may prefer to stop by every now and then to say hello and have a cuppa. Whatever your preference may be you will always be welcome at the Endeavour Hills Men’s Shed.


What do we offer members?


The aim of the shed is to develop a variety of activities with our members based on their interests. Initially these would include social gatherings, barbecues and guest speakers. A major objective will be to advance the well- being and health of male members.


It is envisaged that as our shed grows, the range of activities will develop to include the use of hand and machine tools, hobbies, computer classes and community projects. Members are always encouraged to suggest new ideas for projects and activities that interest them.


How are we funded?


The shed is a not-for-profit organisation, initially operating through the support of the Rotary Club of Endeavour Hills and the City of Casey. Into the future, the shed will be funded by grants, donations, sponsorships and self-funded by whatever can be raised by our own efforts. There is also a small annual fee for members to cover insurance and a weekly collection to offset the cost of barbecues. Just like in any community organisation, members will be encouraged to get involved in fundraising activities.

How are we organised?


The organisational aim of the Men’s Shed is to become an incorporated association that is governed by a small committee of enthusiastic members, including a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. As the shed grows, a range of additional office-holders may be created to help assist with the day-to-day activities and responsibilities of the shed, including workplace safety, member welfare, social activities, project work etc. All positions will be open for any member to nominate for at the annual AGM.


Associated Bodies


The Endeavour Hill’s Men’s Shed will be associated with several national, state and local organisations, including:


-      The Australian Men’s Shed Association

-      The Victorian Men’s Shed Association

-      The Rotary Club of Endeavour Hills

-      City of Casey


Mens Shed - Inaugural Meeting Tuesday 7th February

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