Disaster Aid Australia

Mission Statement

To provide, and assist in delivering water systems and relevant humanitarian aid to people affected by natural and other disasters.

Types of Aid

Disaster Aid provides two types of aid:

Smart AId

We respond to earthquakes, tropical storms and other natural disasters with Smart Aid

Smart Aid Involves sending a Disaster Aid Response Team to contact local affected communities and find out what we need. We then provide finance and project management to help the local community help themselves, Whenever possible we buy materials locally to help the local economy to recover.

In the last year we assisted the community of Chiapas in Mexico to recover from an Earthquake


Our Safe Water for Every Child tackles the ongoing disaster of thousand of child deaths a year as a result of drinking contaminated water.

The project involves providing SkyHydrant Water Filters for Communities, Schools, and Orphanages around the world.

In the last year we have assisted communities in the Phillipines, Nepal, Bhutan and Indonesia.


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