Around The World, After Heart Surgery

Tonight we heard about Jeremy Scott’s inspirational cycle trip.

He was born with a large hole in his heart.

After no improvements in his early years he had open heart surgery at the age of four.

Following several years in London he got the idea of cycling back home to New Zealand, but hadn’t ridden a bike for many years.

To keep himself going at the start he had to break his trip into small rides, get to Amsterdam, then to Prague.

It wasn’t until he got to Turkey before he could believe he would be able to complete the trip.

One of the things that amazed at was the kindness he received in Iran, very much more than most in the West would expect.

It pretty much took more than a year travelling East before he turned South to home riding through South East Asia then Australia.

Overall the trip took just over two and a half years.

Up to now he has raised $50,000 for Heart Health through speaking and selling a book about his journey.


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