12 Signs You Travel Too Much

At our 2nd Meeting of 2018 Brian told us some of the signs that you travel too much.

  1. You don’t need to look at the card for your frequent flyer number.
  2. When you visit a relative and wonder why there isn’t a chocolate on the pillow.
  3. Always photograph your car at the airport.so you can find it when you get back.
  4. Never unpack your toilet bag.
  5. Some people pack the week before, some the day before, you pack an hour before.
  6. Wonder why the inflight magazine doesn’t come out weekly.
  7. All the toiletries in your guest bathroom are from hotels.
  8. The currency app is on the first page of your smart phone.
  9. You have just put your phone, belt. cash, on the conveyor belt, and the supermarket checkout operator ask you ‘What are you Doing?”
  10. Going to bed at home you have a strange feeling. . . eventually you realise its not being jetlagged.
  11. You haven’t needed to buy a biro, or go to a stationary cupboard for at least 3 years.
  12. Your  smart phone time zones and weather apps are for at least 3 different countries.

Brian scored 9. . . . how about you?

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